The Importance of Good PR for Your Tour Company

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A good reputation among the customers is vital to any business. This is especially try in the tour industry. People want to be impressed by the positive experiences of others before trusting you with their next vacation. This can be applied to a number of factors from safety to entertainment value, everything matters.

This piece aims to help you become aware of why PR is so important to your business so that you can in turn identify areas which you could possibly improve upon, resulting in a positive impact for your tour business.

Trust is everything

By making the choice to vacation with your company, customers are intrinsically trusting you with so many things. Most importantly they are trusting the safety of themselves and their loved ones to your company. This is the ultimate trust one can give and it needs to be earned. Generally speaking, this can be earned only slowly over time and with the assistance of good PR. This could come in many faces, be it positive reviews from previous customers or the creation of a very trustworthy company image. However you do it, it is important to establish through good communications and keep building, much the same as with any personal relationship.

Image can be a Game changer

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Simply put, people like to be associated with a company which has a positive brand image. It is for these reasons that we see companies all over the world such as Nike or Adidas recruit start athletes with positive, friendly images to represent their brands globally. This consciously or sub-consciously promotes their brand with a huge number of people through positive association. Potential customers see these companies as being something inspirational and in turn by their products. The travel and tour industry are no different. Companies such as Turkish Airlines are famed for their association with positive celebrity image. The reverse can also be true where a negative association can do untold harm, hence why we see many celebrities being dropped from sponsorship’s in the light of a scandal.

Popularity Breeds Growth

Again a reason why many companies pay big for celebrity sponsorship’s, popularity. In any business, regardless of the actual level of service, perception is the key. People like to be associated with something popular. Therefore, it is statistically proven that the more people you can attract to your tour company, the more new customers will also be attracted, simply by the numbers and the premise which is often thought “It is busy, therefore it must be good”. In many cases indeed this can also be true. Using a busy restaurant as an example, it is often busy for a reason. This is why increasing good PR can be vital to your business. Good PR can serve to get the ball rolling in attracting customers and this can then be continued by combining the public’s perception of a busy company and desire to be associated with the popular and trendy thing.

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