Travelling the World for Fun and Profit


Travelling the world whilst earning a living may seem like a dream to most people, an unattainable dream at that. However, with creative thinking and flexibility, travelling and making money have both never been more accessible. The advances in technology and trend towards a more mobile working environment only serve to increase the possibility of a travel and work combination. Here we will analyze the key factors and environment you must create in order to make this dream a reality. Although not simple, it is much less difficult than many seem to believe.

Choosing Your Destinations

This is the first major point which you must consider. If you intend embarking in work which is performed remotely, it is inevitable that you will spend a lot of time connected to the internet and availing of other communication and information sources. Because of this, you need to locate yourself in countries which have excellent communication infrastructure. This means primarily, fast, accessible and unrestricted wi-fi. Though it may seem like a given in today’s world, it certainly is not. On the other hand, countries such as South Korea and Japan have some of the world fastest communication networks.

Viable job Choice

You need to ensure that from the multitude of available options, you make the correct choices in terms of employment. Do you want to work from home full-time as part of your current office based position or would you prefer go out on a limb and freelance. Both have positive and negative points. To become freelance, you need to possess the relevant skill set and be assured of a reasonable income. If you decide to keep your current position, this may be harder to negotiate and slightly impair you movements but will indeed be vastly more secure.

Stick to Your Task


Perhaps you are having all the fun in the world, seeing new sites and visiting exciting destinations, it is important to remember thought that there is still work to be done. This is the price you must pay for the flexibility you can enjoy. To be successful, you should be driven and extremely self-motivated. Being highly organized is also key, especially in terms of freelance work, ensuring that you meet deadlines on time. Essentially, during working time, you need to treat your location the same as you would the office. This can be very difficult for many.


In principle, travelling the world and working with a flexible schedule seems like the perfect life. However, nothing is perfect and you will have times of struggle and difficulty, just as you would in the regular office. Sometimes these can be even more pronounced as you have to pick yourself up to work each day. It is important though to keep fighting. By following the advice laid out here, you give yourself the best possible chances of success and world travel while holding down a flexible job.

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