Using Facebook to Grow your Tour Business


Without a doubt, in today’s market, the one proven way to reach the greatest number of potential customers is by using social media as your platform. There are many different platforms to choose. Some of which have attracting staggering growth and user numbers in recent years. However, one true king still remains. Facebook. In growing your business, it will be inevitable that you should become familiar with it and how it can benefit your business as a key marketing tool. Let us guide you in how to get started.


Getting Started

A daunting task at the outset, with a brand new business page and exactly zero likes or followers, it may seem like an uphill battle. Momentum is the key. Everything starts somewhere so you need to get the ball rolling as fast as possible. People like to be part of something popular, therefore it is essential to start building those likes.

Use Paid Advertising


In the early days, it may be advisable to purchase some form of advertising promotional package. Facebook offers a number of paid advertising options which can be specified to operate within your budget and a number of other parameters to ensure you attract the correct customers who will benefit from using your company. At the very least this gets your page likes up which will in turn attract more customers to add to your base audience.

Sharing is Caring

Once you have established your core audience, it is important to keep them in the loop. A stagnant page is also no use to your business. Your page is a fantastic promotional outlet, use it as such.

By sharing your deals and company promotions for upcoming tours, of course you increase your chances to attract customers. This is something which you should definitely be doing, however, remember to also share general information and other interesting, travel related stories and pictures on a regular basis. You want to make sure your audience feel valued, not just used as a potential sales outlet. Start a discussion. Participation is key to building trust and loyalty.

Don’t Become a Hindrance

True, you should engage as frequently as comfortably possible, the key is comfortably. You want to strike a good balance between getting your message out there to meet your targets and becoming an unpleasant burden. Starting out, barring any special occasion, posting once a day is an advisable rule to follow.

Consider a Media Manager


Hiring a social media manager or agency can greatly relieve the stress and workload on you when managing your social media. Even more so, it can help to introduce objective expertize to your business. This can open new doors of opportunity to your business. There are many highly skilled social media managers and agencies available these days for a very competitive price.


There is no doubt that to achieve your tour company’s full potential, you need to engage with your Facebook audience and understand the platform itself, remembering, regardless if you decide to run your own pages or employ an expert agency, you are just one click away from success.

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